JSMM Teaches Social Media Marketers New Tactics at KC Summit

By: Tumara Rogers, Social Media Marketer, Jennings Social Media & MarTech

Valerie Jennings - CEO and Founder, Tumara Rogers - Social Media Marketer

During Jennings Social Media & MarTech’s opening day of the summit to educate the new team members, I am outnumber by the new interns . Thirteen years in corporate America with the self-coined nickname as corporate guru, the view from a new way of approaching business is exciting and a little frightening. JSMM is moving forward at lighting speeds to keep up with the ever-changing social media industry. The mentality of eat or be eaten creates a breathtaking view from here. As the information flows fluidly from the founder Valerie Jennings to our eager and hungry minds, I am reminded of the changing times.

Social media is a virtual world comprised of many new ways of approaching marketing within a company. The old way of traditional marketing thinking doesn’t fit the social media market. By getting a firsthand educational lesson from a veteran in the industry the reality of how quickly this industry pivots is apparent in the lesson activities of the day. Facebook posts are focused on visual content and happy go lucky daily posts, while Twitter focuses on articles and shout outs to great articles. The realization that every media platform has different needs and user desires is beyond apparent.

As corporate America strives to stay consistent and predictable, the social media world is changing the face of business. JSMM has continued the social media virtual world into the company culture. Embracing virtual life has a freedom every corporate cubical junkie desires.  Congratulations Jennings Social Media & MarTech for continually morphing and successfully leading the future of social media and business in America.