JSMM CEO Leads Digital Marketing Seminars for Staff to Enhance Learning and Trendsetting Skills

The CEO of JSMM feels that learning and trendsetting are essential qualities for professionals in digital marketing today. Without a strong commitment to both, digital marketers will have difficulty keeping up with rapid changes in the industry. Today’s digital marketers are faced with several challenges, including, but not limited to, understanding how to read and interpret analytics data to make marketing decisions, creating brand experiences online, increasing online footprints for clients and elevating business development opportunities for clients. It’s increasingly difficult for businesses, agencies and professionals to stay ahead of trends. That is why JSMM have launched a new series of digital marketing seminars for their employees.

Smart Insights outlined a few of the statistics revealing just how much digital marketing has changed. For example, in 2015, 78 percent of companies said they have dedicated social media teams, up more than 10 percent from 2012; 71 percent of companies also planned to increase their digital marketing budgets last year. Despite more and more companies realizing the importance of digital marketing, however, the data shows that many simply don’t know how to use digital marketing effectively. Half of the companies surveyed said they use digital marketing, but don’t have a plan; over 70 percent created more content in 2015 than in previous years, but only 12 percent of those feel like they have an optimized strategy.


Back in 2011, Google sent a shockwave through the industry when it released its first Panda update. It almost completely altered Google’s search algorithm, cracking down on spam and prioritizing original, high-quality content. For marketers, this update meant that SEM, SEO and other digital strategies had to be overhauled to comply with Google’s new algorithm, and what had worked in previous years was no longer effective. Since then, Google has launched countless new updates, each changing how brands are positioned in its search engine rankings. The Panda update is just one example of how digital giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter frequently tweak and update their systems and why it’s so important for digital marketers to stay on top of the latest digital fluctuations and trends. They need to show their clients how the industry is changing and what they can do to keep up with it.

As an early adopter of social media, Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM, realizes the necessity of being able to evolve with digital, which is why she is leading seminars with the teams at both JSMM to keep them educated about the latest trends. Not only do these seminars enhance the skillset of the digital marketing team, but they in turn keep clients at the forefront of their industries with optimized strategies tailored to an ever-changing digital landscape. The latest of these seminars, held on April 23, brought the JSMM team together to discuss reporting, analytics and content strategy.

Emily Ward, digital media marketer at JSMM, said, “JSMM is an excellent agency for professionals to work at because Valerie does everything she can to keep our teams educated on the latest in digital trends. Nobody is left behind, especially at the seminars, where we can share our ideas and insights with the team. It’s the perfect place to grow as a digital marketer and gain confidence because you know you’re working with the latest information, and in turn, passing on the best, most optimized strategies to your clients.”