JSMM Project Profile: HVAC and Solar Client Taps New Audiences & Drives Leads with Digital Marketing & Advertising

JSMM were retained by a heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) company to generate leads and reach a new demographic of 35- to 55-year-old consumers across social media. Over the past year, the company saw its social media impression numbers soar into the millions thanks to JSMM. In addition, JSMM generated thousands of clickthroughs from social media ads and several hundred leads from various sources, including social media advertising.



A publicly traded HVAC and solar company.



Previously, the client had been experiencing diminishing returns by exclusively targeting consumers through direct mail. They also reported direct mail was not a successful marketing channel to drive sales and engage 34- to 55-year olds. JSMM recommended a social media and digital advertising campaign which relied heavily on market research to engage, build trust, branding and outreach with the client’s target audience.



JSMM identified several strategies by utilizing market research, competitive analysis, creative planning and best practices to launch a digital marketing strategy that would drive leads. New creative content, campaigns and advertising needed to be created and implemented, including videos, landing pages, social media ads and more.


  • Created digital ads across social media channels and other websites
  • Launched Yelp profile and promotions for reviews
  • Designed campaigns to drive engagement and brand awareness
  • Created engaging artwork for ads and campaigns
  • Produced educational videos
  • Designed landing pages
  • Tested best-performing ads for conversions and lead generation
  • Tested ads on multiple channels to determine the best strategy for each channel
  • Designed and tested targeted channel strategies to reach the right audiences
  • Implemented new analytics and reporting for the client to measure success per channels and ad campaign




Thanks to creative content, a heavily researched strategy and continual testing, JSMM drove over 10 million impressions from social media and almost 5 million impressions from social media ads over the course of one year. Clickthroughs on social media ads reached a high of nearly 30,000. With JSMM’s launch of the company’s Yelp profile, along with the implementation of a successful reputation management plan, the client realized hundreds and hundreds of new leads from various sources. As a result of the digital marketing campaign implemented by JSMM, the company also had multiple page hits on the first page of Google through different keyword searches.