JSMM Share How Live Video Can be Mastered by Marketers

{Few things move as quickly as social media and digital trends these days, making it all the more challenging to recognize, interpret and take advantage of trends before they fall into the world of outdated platforms. Live streaming video is the most recent trend that businesses have been incorporating into their marketing strategies, and it could not have come at a better time.}

Live streaming apps like Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Live cater best to companies that want to visually engage with their audience. In April, the clickbait masters at Buzzfeed got more than 3.1 million viewers tuned into their Facebook Live stream of two employees putting rubber bands on a watermelon until it bursts. The 45-minute-long stream reached 800,000 simultaneous viewers at one point in the video, creating a new record for Facebook Live and far outperforming viewership ratings for video on demand. So how can marketers utilize this new trend?




Where it Works

Live streaming technology can primarily be used as an organic outlet for brands. The beauty subscription retailers at Birchbox have embraced live streaming as a means to showcase their very visual product. Using it as a Q&A platform, they have been able to present their product to target audiences in real-time, as well as engage and interact with consumers.

While there is no advertising model yet, companies are coming up with creative solutions to attract viewers. Land Rover launched a live stream campaign, and aided by promoted ads on Twitter and Facebook beforehand, the stream was a success. The automakers used Facebook Live and Periscope to give viewers at home the experience of a test drive in one of their luxury SUVs. Peter Biven, Land Rover’s head of global digital marketing, said, “Despite being in its early stages of adoption, the ability to connect with audiences in real-time, giving customers the opportunity to be part of dynamic content, is compelling.”

How to Make Your Brand Stand Out on a Live Stream

Talent always comes first. And while brands don’t need to conform to television standards (perfect smile, nice hair, broadcaster’s accent), whoever is speaking on camera needs to be engaging enough to pique viewers’ interest beyond their eight-second attention span.

One of the greatest unique qualities of live streaming, especially on the Facebook Live platform, is the opportunity for real-time engagements, which has proven to be a growing demand for users and marketers alike. Brands can interact with the consumers and create unlimited amounts of organic reach, engagement, and even leads.

Between Periscope, Facebook Live, Snapchat and platforms still to come, live streaming is making it’s mark and will prove to be an interesting new tool for marketers to wield.