JSMM Project Profile: Automotive Group Launches Video Advertising on Facebook in Response to Oil Crisis

JSMM was retained several years ago to generate sales for an automotive group in Canada. Over the years, content and advertising has been targeted to sell cars and drive customers to the service centers. Recently, an oil crisis broke out in the client’s backyard, which led to a request to create two political videos that spun off from a radio spot giving away free oil. The two videos were created by VBM, sister company to JSMM. A limited advertising budget on Facebook has delivered tens of thousands of video views and engagements across social media in addition to sales at the service centers. More than 17,000 litres of oil were given away during the month of February and more than 2,500 customers were served.


An automotive group in Canada.


The client wanted to respond to a governmental and political issue that caused an economic downturn within the community and impacted businesses in multiple industries. As this issue was very political, it created controversy and needed special animated videos to address concerns, educate people and promote the free oil offer.


VBM utilized a radio script produced by the client and created an animated explainer video. The videos were then marketed by the JSMM team across social media and ads were created to drive engagement, views and sales.




Even with a modest ad budget for each location, JSMM’s joint work generated 45,000 video views with a reach of 92,000 across all client Facebook channels. One ad alone brought in over 10,000 video views and reached almost 22,000 people. Additionally, static ads were created on Facebook that drove sales to the service centers.