Tech Attorney Praises Valerie Jennings For Being a Cutting Edge Entrepreneur in Kansas City

Posted by: Katie Stumpf, Intern at JSMM

Greg Kratofil, attorney and shareholder at Polsinelli Shughart PC, praised Valerie Jennings, CEO and founder of Viral Bolt Media and Jennings Social Media & MarTech. Kratofil is an advocate for tech startups and entrepreneurs in Kansas City. He is involved with numerous tech innovations, acquisitions, patent law and Google Fiber.


Kratofil said he is glad he had the opportunity to work with Valerie and team because they are very easy to work with and very results-oriented.

“Exciting things are going on in the Kansas City area,” said Kratofil. Not only is Kansas City one of the most entrepreneurial cities in America, but Forbes Magazine recently name Kansas City one of the best cities for female entrepreneurs.

“When I think about the future and what things like Google and Google Fiber are bringing to Kansas City, the first thing that comes to mind is that YouTube and videos are going to be such a big part of that,” said Kratofil. He is excited to see what new and cutting edge things Viral Bolt Media will do in the future. “I think VBM is going to be out in the front of what we are doing in Kansas City.”

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