Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Major Facebook Updates at F8

Posted by: Micah Pratt, social networking research & development

Over the years, Facebook has been known to make small changes to how users operate on the social networking site. With Google+ becoming a threatening competitor, Mark Zuckerberg made serious changes to Facebook. On September 22, Mark Zuckerberg explained exactly what the 800 million users could expect from the new and improved Facebook at its annual developer conference including:

Timeline: a stream of information about you
Facebook Gestures: turning any verb into a button, similar to the “like” button. Example: Reading a book.
Open Graph: third-party companies can connect their apps and services to Facebook using a one-time permission from the user to share stuff on Facebook
Subscribe: subscribing to strangers or celebrities to receive posts from them without being Facebook friends
Ticker: a real-time list of what your friends are posting
Media: watching TV and movies, listening to music and reading news all within Facebook

Watch the whole video here