Matrix: Google Buzz vs Facebook vs MySpace vs Twitter

Posted by: Benjamin Wickman

Jeremiah Owyang, Web Strategy Blogger, has come out with what he is calling a “definitive matrix” to help companies objectively sort through several social media networks, including the new Google Buzz. Owyang advises that a company’s ultimate decision, when evaluating these networks, should be based on one basic strategy: find out where your customers are and use the channel that is the most effective way to reach them.

From Owyang’s Executive Summary:

Find out where customers already are through developing data around consumer behavior called socialgraphics. Facebook continues to demonstrate a sophisticated marketplace for consumers and brands to mix about, however don’t discount MySpace’s active consumer based – if your customers are there. Continue to monitor Twitter and respond if customers are there – but they’ve yet to indicate sophistication to help marketers, instead rely on third party tools and agencies to respond. The feature set of newly spawned Google Buzz isn’t important, what matters is their ability to aggregate social content which will impact search strategy for businesses trying to reach consumers.

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