How to Monetize Facebook Live Video

Mobile video has been a gift to brands that seems to keep on giving, commanding both user attention and engagement. By going “live,” brands have the chance to share their culture and story in the most organic way possible. Additionally, by utilizing live-streaming videos, brands can connect with their fans and audiences in a way that offers more engagement than traditional mobile video efforts. While video publishers have had trouble making money from their live content in the past, Facebook recently announced the introduction of mid-roll ad breaks for Facebook Live, taking mobile video monetization to a whole new level.

Live Video

What are Ad Breaks?

Facebook’s Ad Breaks are short, 15-20 second ads which give video content publishers time to pause during their live-stream. When the publisher takes an ad break, video viewers will see an in-stream ad and the creator will take a share of the revenue. According to TechCrunch, Facebook Live content creators will earn a 55 percent ad revenue share while Facebook keeps the other 45 percent.


What Qualifies a Facebook Live Video for Monetization?

A Facebook page that has over 2,000 followers and has had 300 or more concurrent views during a recent live video is eligible to place Facebook’s Ad Breaks into their live-stream. Eligible publishers will see a blue bubble that says, “New! Earn money with ads,” during their Facebook Live broadcasts.


How do Facebook Ad Breaks Work?

If a publisher’s Facebook Live video reaches 300 concurrent viewers, they will see a “$” icon they can click to activate Ad Breaks. After at least four minutes, the publisher will be able to take their first ad break. Once the ad break begins, the camera will turn off and a short video ad will play. As the ad runs, a timer will inform the publisher when their live-stream will resume. During that time, viewers will see an ad which features a countdown timer indicating when the live-stream will resume.


What does the Monetization of Facebook Live Mean?

With Facebook’s open monetization platform, live and recorded content creators will now earn a share of ad revenue from their viewers. Facebook hopes this development will persuade creators to choose Facebook Live over other social media mediums.