Is MySpace Worth Saving?

Posted by: Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM

Is MySpace worth saving: Justin Timberlake thinks so. In this new campaign to save the dying social network, Timberlake joined with MySpace and Panasonic to propose a new way to draw users back.

I think there could be some potential still on MySpace, but it will need to be more aggressive than Facebook to catch up. It might be worth a campaign to understand the user-base that Timberlake will attract. The new approach to integrate TV with MySpace is a good way to go.

This article from Mashable outlines just what Justin Timberlake and MySpace have in the works.

Bringing MySpace Back: Timberlake Unveils TV Service

Justin Timberlake just took the next step in his campaign to bring MySpace back. The pop super star and MySpace co-owner joined Panasonic on stage at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show to announce a new service that will make TV a whole lot more social.

Available on the next generation of Panasonic VIERA ConnectT-enabled HDTVs, an app called MySpace TV will allow viewers to see what their MySpace friends are watching, and enable them to make comments through the TV set and via smartphone and tablet devices.
The app will be available on Panasonic’s new HDTV line, as well as some devices created in 2010, via a software update.

Early channels on MySpace TV will focus on music, and then expand to movies, news, sports and reality channels.

“We see MySpace as a companion to what the social community is watching,” Marcus Liassides, executive VP of MySpace, told Mashable. “We plan to integrate the service with other social networks such as Facebook in the future too. But we aren’t trying to reinvent TV. We’re just evolving it and make it a shared experience even when you’re not in the same living room.”

Liassides said the experience will likely be optimized by viewers using tablets and smartphones. A companion app will be available on tablets and smartphones.

“Why text or email your friends to talk about your favorite programs after they’ve aired when you could be sharing the experience with real-time interactivity from anywhere across the globe?” Timberlake said in a press release. “As the plot of your favorite drama unfolds, the joke of your favorite SNL character plays, or even the last second shot of your favorite team swishes the net, we’re giving you the opportunity to connect your friends to your moments as they’re actually occurring.”

Although the company hasn’t revealed when MySpace TV will become available, it’s expected to roll out in the first half of 2012. Liassides noted that it’s also working with other TV manufacturers to offer the app on other devices.