Best Pinterest Boards from Simplicity to Quirky Little Things

By Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM and Justin McLaughlin, Intern at JSMM
Regardless of the subject matter or nature of the content, the best boards on Pinterest all share certain qualities that make them popular. These qualities include evident passion, inspirational content, and creativity. The people on Pinterest with the most followers have mastered these elements within their boards.
Passion and Inspiration Jeff Bullas listed some of the top boards on Pinterest based on the passion that the board’s images evoke. The top board on his list is titled “Simplicity.” The board’s creator, Jane Wang, pins basic yet powerful images for the board’s more than 2.4 million followers to enjoy.
Along with this board, Bullas compiled boards with a variety of topics ranging from gardening to photography. Regardless of the content, these boards all express the underlying passion of their creator and inspire others. Creating boards full of content that you are passionate about is a critical element for success on Pinterest.
Creativity Along with passion, people enjoy seeing creative and unique images on Pinterest. According to Repinly, Joy Cho is the most popular user on Pinterest (over 11 million followers). As a designer she has developed pinboards with a variety of content including architecture, fashion, and graphic design. Her creative and artistic pins generate a lot of feedback as they display numerous colorful and interesting images.

Her board categories also show creativity as she has boards such as “Joy’s Wish List” and “Fun Little Films.” These boards stray away from the typical and manage to reflect their creator’s personality and taste. Honing in on your own creative side and expressing it in your pinboard building will help to increase their popularity.

What are some of your favorite boards on Pinterest? Feel free to share in the comments!