Pinterest Releases New Analytics for Marketers

By Justin McLaughlin, intern at JSMM

Popular social media platform Pinterest has released a new analytical tool for measuring activity on its channel. While users were previously able to analyze their traffic via third party analytical tools, this information is now available directly from Pinterest. Social Media Today and TechCrunch recently discussed this new tool’s capabilities in their respective articles “4 Things to try with the New Pinterest Analytics” and “Pinterest Launches New Data Analytic Tool For Businesses As It Prepares To Monetize.”

Image from Social Media Today

According to Social Media Today, users with verified websites can now view the traffic that is being driven to their sites from Pinterest and vice versa. This includes the number of pins from their websites, the number of people that have viewed these pins and the number of people visiting their websites from Pinterest. Their recap of Pinterest’s analytics included an instructional video and these four suggestions for utilizing the new tool:

  1. Track the number of times your site or something on it has been pinned

  2. Track the number of re-pins each pin from your site receives

  3. Track total impressions, reach, referral traffic, unique visitors and traffic sent to a site

  4. Analyze and report, on a high level, what is valuable to your brand on Pinterest


Image from TechCrunch


TechCrunch’s review reiterated these features and further considered Pinterest’s direction for the future. Their article suggests that this development is merely a stepping stone for additional tools that include content suggestions for users and a monetization system. Already the social media leader in referrals for businesses, Pinterest may also develop a more direct means for mediating sales.

With a successful foundation already in place, it appears that Pinterest’s usefulness as a marketing tool will continue to evolve. Businesses and marketers alike will eagerly await Pinterest’s next innovation and enjoy this new tool in the meantime.

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