Pinterest: Women Key Influencers on Social Networking Site & Purchasing Decisions Says Study

Posted by: Valerie Jennings, CEO of Jennings Social Media & MarTech

Women are the main decision makers in the homes, making an astonishing 85 percent of all purchasing decisions. Women are also the main users of Pinterest, using the newest social networking site for the latest recipes, crafts, and vacation spots. A recent pole of women shows that Pinterest influences 81 percent of their decision making, as they believe it is a trusted source. If companies want to continue being profitable, they should find new and innovative ways to market to women, as women represent $2.4 trillion of the market! It only makes sense for brand managers to take an interest in Pinterest.

This article written by Steve Olenski for Social Media Today: Why Brand Managers Need to Take an Interest in Pinterest, illustrates the importance of women in the market place, as well as Pinterest influencing decision making for women.  There is a lot to be learned through social media, and capitalizing early with Pinterest, could provide large gains for many companies.

Why Brand Managers Need to Take an Interest in Pinterest

Two days ago I told you Why Women Are the Most Powerful Brand Ambassadors In the World.

Well consider this a follow up… you’ll see what I mean.

The person who makes the majority of household purchasing decisions has developed an affinity for the latest and greatest social media platform, Pinterest. And brand managers and brand marketers would be very wise to take note.

Earlier this year I wrote about the findings of a study done by the CMO Council and Lithium which revealed a major disconnect between Between Brands And Consumers In Social Media. That particular study showed that the reason consumers follow a give brand via social media is decidedly different than why brands think they follow them in the first place.