Proctor & Gamble Launches Social Good Campaign

Posted By: Carlee Vellinga

Proctor and Gamble’s new social good campaign aims to provide clean drinking water for people in need. They have created a new widget which bloggers can insert into their blog which converts a single click into a day’s worth of drinking water. Read this article from about the innovative social good campaign.

Procter & Gamble Launches Widget to Convert Clicks into Water

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What if the one click it took to open this story could also provide enough clean drinking water for one person for an entire day?

Major consumer goods company Procter and Gamble (P&G) has launched a widget that bloggers can embed into their blogs in several days. For each click they receive from readers, P&G will donate a day’s worth of clean drinking water (about two litres) to someone in need. The goal is to generate 100,000 days worth of clean water by the end of the year.

Started in August, the widget is part of P&G’s “Give Health Clean Water Blogivation,” which showcases the power of female bloggers to help improve the lives of people in need. The participants have already donated more than 20,000 days of water.

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