Project Profile: Transportation Logistics Company Launches Digital Marketing Campaign to Recruit Talent

The transportation logistics industry faces ongoing growing pains including talent acquisition. Companies are faced with a new frontier in finding new ways to stand out including showcasing culture and utilizing digital marketing to get the word out to applicants about job opportunities. Without a concentrated initiative which encompasses branding, key messaging, digital marketing and a focus on culture, the transportation logistics industry will end up cannibalizing itself.  

A transportation logistics client needed a robust marketing strategy to drive employee recruitment from the Web. The current key messages and strategies were not working, so JSMM designed a plan to increase the vision of the business and rebrand the client’s culture. A heavy concentration on redefining the direction of the brand, along with new creative, helped strengthen the core objective. Once the key messaging was finessed, social media content, digital ads and website content were added to the mix. Today the transportation industry faces ongoing growing pains and every advantage is needed to stand out among the crowd.


The Impact of Social Media on HR & Talent Acquisition Today

It’s not just marketing that has been affected by social media, but talent recruitment as well. Forbes recently outlined just some of the reasons why businesses are turning to social media for talent recruitment. According to a study Forbes cited,  73 percent of recruiters planned to invest more in social recruiting, versus 63 percent in referrals, meaning that social media isn’t the “good ol’ boys” network as sometimes seen in traditional recruiting methods. In addition, social media is where job seekers go. A whitepaper by iCIMS, and cited by Forbes, found that putting a job posting up on social media can increase candidate applications by between 30 and 50 percent.  

When Business Consulting Intercepts with Marketing Strategy & Decision Making

There are many reasons why business consulting is vital to making marketing decisions. Business consultants not only identify problems and suggest improvements, according to Business News Daily, they are experts in specific markets, they get the ball rolling on change and they can even revitalize an organization. Because of the expertise of both the organization itself and the target market that business consultants provide, this kind of consulting is vital when determining marketing decisions, especially bigger decisions.

The growth of social media has had an immeasurable effect on how businesses function and market themselves. Chances are, the best way to reach your audience in 2016 is through Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. And if businesses don’t go where the audience goes, they just get left behind.