How to Promote YouTube Videos On Pinterest

By Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM

Research from TechCrunch suggests that Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. An increasing number of businesses are utilizing Pinterest to drive traffic to their blogs and other media sources. In particular, the value of Pinterest for promoting YouTube video content is rapidly being realized. According to Mashable, there are several steps that users can take to make their video content more accessible via Pinterest.

Image from sociableblog

Thumbnail Images. As discussed by New Antics, the thumbnail image is a video’s primary selling point on an image based platform like Pinterest. For general YouTube channels, Pinterest gives you three images to choose from. Plan for this in your production by getting a good looking shot in the middle of your video that Pinterest can pull as a possible thumbnail. Also, note that Pinterest places a large play button over the center of thumbnail images. Keep this in mind so that key elements of your image are not covered or obscure.

Descriptive Video Pins and Pinboards. The way in which you organize pins and pinboards can have a big impact on their accessibility. In terms of integrating YouTube videos with your other content, it is better to place them on the same pinboard rather than separating pins by content type. Pinboards that include static images as well as related video content can be a powerful means for promoting brands and products. Organizing content by theme rather than medium also makes it easier for people to find  your content.

Short Videos and Clear Content Descriptions. Keep in mind that Pinterest is meant to be used as a way to share content in a very quick and efficient fashion. For this reason pinning shorter videos works to greater effect than promoting lengthy videos on Pinterest. Also, Mashable cites a brief description of the video content as an important factor in generating views.

Encourage Interaction. Both Mashable and New Antics highlighted the importance of calling your audience to action. As Pinterest is a fairly new platform users are not accustomed to interacting with it. Including “Pin me” notifications in videos, including links to your Pinterest page, and placing “Pin it” buttons next to video players are all methods for prompting audience interaction. This type of promotion will increase the number of times your videos are shared and in turn help to generate more views.

Do you have your own strategies for promoting content on Pinterest? Feel free to share in the comments!