Q&A with Michelle Camber, Project Manager at JSMM

Michelle Camber has returned to JSMM after taking leave to raise her four children! Michelle answers some questions about her return to the company, working with her sister and the growth she has seen in JSMM and the digital marketing industry.

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What are you most excited about being back at JSMM?

I feel empowered and blessed to be able to have a great career while raising four children. There are certain obstacles mothers must overcome to re-enter their career and being able to accomplish this successfully is truly rewarding. At the core of JSMM is the idea to empower women and I couldn’t agree more.   

How has the company grown since you last worked here?

I was with the company for seven years in its early days before taking a leave to raise my four children, so I have watched this company grow tremendously over the years. JSMM has grown from a public relations agency into a full service digital shop. Valerie has always been an early adopter and on the cutting edge, so being adaptive to a quickly changing industry has always been a must while working at JSMM.

What are changes you have seen in the industry?

I have seen a shift away from heavily based public relations to social media. We were early adopters of social media and I was with the company during this transition from PR to social media to a full service digital shop starting back in 2006. Social media, when done properly, allows for companies to engage with customers, businesses, thought leaders, charities and just regular people more than ever possible before. Being able to build those relationships is invaluable. I still believe traditional PR needs to be interwoven into the social media plan, which includes social media, search marketing, email marketing, digital ads, influencer outreach, videos and more to complete the package. The benefits of traditional public relations are still there and are immense even though being in the industry today entails so much more.  

How does being in a family business impact your job?

There is a degree of honesty, transparency and just “being real” with each other that can’t be duplicated in any other traditional work setting.

What does it mean to you to work with an all women team?

There is nothing better than working on a team with like-minded individuals regardless of the gender. But what I value about working with these women is that they are independent, strong, intelligent women who reject traditional gender “barriers”.  Ralph Waldo Emerson was well known for saying, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” To me, that is what working on this team and for JSMM is on a daily basis.

What are you most excited for moving forward with this company?

Jennings Social Media & MarTech provides the flexibility to allow its employees to grow both personally and professionally. Valerie understands the importance of excelling in one’s career and still being able to spend quality time raising your children. By working for a company with a CEO who holds these values, I am still able to be there for my children in ways I wouldn’t be able to with most traditional employers.