SafeDefend Gives A-Plus Testimonial To Jennings Social Media & MarTech

Jennings Social Media & MarTech has received an A-plus review from Jeff Green, president and CEO of SafeDefend™, a Kansas City based company working to protect schools, businesses, public buildings, hospitals and corporate offices in times of active-shooter emergencies. Following the Sandy Hook tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut in December 2012, Green left his post as a school principal to develop the SafeDefend Personnel Protection System. Green worked with local law enforcement, FBI and national threat assessment experts to design the system before he devoted his work full-time toward SafeDefend. After the business was off the ground, Green turned to Valerie Jennings and JSMM for help with the promotion of his startup business.
Green said, “Jennings Social Media & MarTech has helped my startup get PR attention in business and technology publications, across various blogger sites and on television. The work the JSMM team provides is of a very high quality and works on a shoestring budget. All startups should take advantage of the leadership, business advice and strategic partnership that JSMM offers to businesses. Startups should also look to the agency for guidance in social media strategies to increase SEO and online visibility.”

JSMM has utilized wire services and blogger outreach to get press hits and coverage for SafeDefend. JSMM also worked with SafeDefend and Blue Ridge Christian School in Raytown, Missouri to place SafeDefend Personnel Protection Systems in the school. SafeDefend provided training programs for teachers and staff in the school and also helped the school raise money to pay for the systems and scholarships for students. The placement in the school and fundraiser was covered by major news outlets in the Kansas City metro area. A recent video interview with Green was also distributed nationwide to detail the SafeDefend program and give the background of the company’s creation in the wake of the Sandy Hook anniversary.

You can read more about SafeDefend and the Personnel Protection System here.