Scary Good Tricks & Treats for Social Media

Whether it’s for a professional service or a retailer, creating a great Halloween theme for a brand starts with imagination. But first you need to figure out how to connect your business to the spookiest holiday of the year without scaring your customers.

Here are a few tricks and treats –

  1. What’s Your Costume? Make a short list of products or services and choose the ones that you can use to create Halloween fun. Stir in some spooktacular artwork to make your magic potion perfect.
  2. Frighteningly Good Photos. This can be a challenge if your brand is a little stiff. If your business isn’t naturally playful then you will need to select images that look professional instead of whimsical.
  3. Get Your Creative Juices Flowing. Don’t let Dracula suck the life out of you. Try to imagine how your brand intersects with Halloween. People want to be entertained on social media, but you still have to connect the dots for them.
  4. Enter at Your Own Risk. Keep things simple and easy to follow by not introducing too many ideas, products or services. Themed campaigns are the perfect spell for branding unless you are in the retail industry. Retailers get to have all the fun during the holidays by utilizing magic to stir up some great sales.

Happy Halloween!