Is Social Media costing employers?

By: Valerie Jennings

For companies just getting started in the social media arena, it is critical that they not only have a strategic marketing plan to effectively implement social media, but they must also have a social media personal policy.

Here is a recent article that I wanted to share with you from Mashable about the cost of social media to employers.

Social media has rapidly grown in popularity, appealing to people of all ages and walks of life. Countless hours are spent updating your Facebook status or tweeting, and it is being done during all hours of the day.

Many companies are computer based, which provides multiple opportunities to indulge in your favorite social networking site, while you should be working on that TPS report. Which presents the question, is the overwhelming use of social networking sites affecting productivity in the workplace?


A survey conducted by an IT services group Morse, which questioned 1,460 office workers found that social networking sites like Twitter, are costing UK companies 1.38 billion, (2.25 billion dollars) every year. The study goes on to state that employees spend 40 hours a week, on average on social networking sites. Another study claimed that, “Facebook is costing UK firms over 130m a day, with 233 million hours “lost” every month. “

Before social media, employees found numerous ways to waste company time. Social networking sites may not be the end all of productivity in the workplace, but they can affect a company’s image if not used appropriately.