What Does A Social Media Marketer Do At JSMM?

By Emily Ward, social media marketer at JSMM

As a social media marketer at Jennings Social Media & MarTech (JSMM), I craft targeted social media posts (including for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogger and WordPress), engage with industry influencers, write online press releases, case studies and e-Newsletters and pitch reporters.  We have a wide variety of clients so I’m also accustomed to writing for many different audiences across automotive, real estate, technology, workspace/architecture planning, education, legal, financial/money management/retirement, manufacturing, bridal, art, restaurants, home and garden DIY, celebrities and auction brands to name a few!  It’s not difficult once you learn how to organize brand voice, which Valerie Jennings, our CEO, helps out a lot with when she is working with clients. If I had to pick the highlight of my job, I would say it’s working on so many different types of client projects and learning about their industries. It’s quite an undertaking, but anyone who likes a great challenge, would love it.

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing awesome results. For example we have had more than 100,000 impressions on client channels including Facebook and twitter in seven days and major media hits from our PR outreach.  All of those accomplishments while working with the team at JSMM is extremely exciting and the best part of my job.

Additionally, our clients receive a great ROI. Our social media and PR strategies can generate business leads, increase online brand visibility, enhance brand reputation, boost organic SEO and even provide cost savings due to outsourcing content development, marketing social media and online reputation management.

Nobody knows their businesses better than our clients, so I work with them to make sure their vision for their branding comes to life in the online storytelling that we do at JSMM. We incorporate their feedback into our social media strategies as well as come up with cool ideas to bounce around. Most of this comes from Valerie’s direction as she works side-by-side with all of our clients no matter how large or small – from publicly traded companies to startups.

I love working at JSMM because it allows me to be involved with a fun, fast-changing industry where I’m constantly learning new things, both about social media and the diverse industries our clients are a part of. I also couldn’t ask to be part of a better team. Valerie is a true thought leader in the field and working with her is an amazing experience.