Marketers Expect Social Media to Surpass PPC in Travel & Tourism

Forty-eight percent of marketers believe that social media will become more important that PPC in the travel and tourism industry in the next five years, according to There’s no denying the importance of social media across all industries, but how can you capitalize on its potential specifically within the travel and tourism industry? Here are three tips to add to your social media strategy:

Travel & Tourism JSMM Jennings Social Media & MarTech Tips

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1. Promotions:

If you look at the top travel and tourism companies, their social media content is heavily reliant on promotions and special deals, more so than other industries. This widespread popularity of specials in the travel and tourism industry means that consumers have grown to expect these deals.

To take these promotions even further, reward the top-sharers on your social media channels with extra perks. Platforms like Social Toaster allow you to encourage VIP consumers to share content and be rewarded points for their efforts, which they can redeem for prizes or discounts. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

2. Monitor Social Media Sites:

Twitter is a great way to communicate with your consumers and vice versa, however, if the customer is disappointed in your company’s service, they often use Twitter as an outlet to release frustrations about the situation. A common example of this is when an airline loses a consumer’s luggage.

For this reason, it is important to monitor your social media sites, specifically Twitter, to assure any bad-mouthing of your company’s reputation is under control. Take this example from United Airlines:

United Airlines Social Media Twitter

In this example, United Airlines takes this opportunity to showcase their customer service and solve an issue all on their Twitter channel. Everyone who see’s this complaint will also see the response from the United Airlines handle– sent within the hour of the complaint. That’s impressive. It’s probable that United Airlines has a team monitoring the social media sites, but with apps like Twilert, you can receive email notifications when someone mentions your brand on Twitter, whether they tag your company or not.

3. Encourage Customers to Share Their Travel Adventures:

The travel industry has millions of photographers and videographers with amazing original content just waiting to be utilized– the customers. Create contests and promotions revolved around visually driven content (which will not only increase sharability, but increase SEO). A Hootsuite blogpost by Kristina Cisnero exemplifies an Instagram contest hosted by Contiki that invited bloggers to share their Contiki experience through images on Instagram. Tactics like this not only get customers engaged with the brand, but produces beautiful images to use for social media content.