How Social Media, SEO & Digital Media Are Becoming One

Posted By Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM

This article, written by Harry Gold at ClickZ, does a great job reviewing how social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and paid digital media are becoming part of one world. I think it’s a little more complicated than that, but my thoughts concerning these boundaries are still consistent with SEO and content management.

I think marketing professionals need a clear picture when it comes to understanding their goals, objectives, prospects and then balance these initiatives among social media, SEO and digital media buying to keep organizations’ expectations and ROI on target. It’s difficult when boundaries continue to evolve based on new technology, but everyone can stick with the basics: without a clear plan to reach stakeholders’ objectives and goals, it really means you just have a moving target without a strategy.

Check out the article which highlights how these areas are becoming one.

Social Media + Search Marketing + Online Media = Success

One thing I often talk about is the blurring of the lines between social media, search marketing, and online media. The days of specializing just in one area are going away because focus in one area limits your ability to create synergy between those three channels.

For example, you can’t run a social media marketing program without a strong knowledge of SEO. Without SEO expertise, you lose the extra benefit of universal search and inbound links. Conversely, if you are not used to tracking and optimizing online media and paid search campaigns, your ability to treat social media like a measurable medium is greatly diminished. And nothing ads octane to a Facebook Fan drive like online media integration and specifically, Facebook ads that encourage consumers to connect to your brand. Finally, utilizing social sharing technology (chiclets – see my column, “Socializing Your Banners With Chiclets”), your ads and landing pages for media and paid search can turn a single paid click into hundreds of free impressions and clicks with no cost.

Some examples:

  • YouTube sponsored videos and overlay ads: online media, social media marketing, or paid search?
  • Social content development: SEO or social media marketing?
  • Blogger outreach: social media marketing, PR, online media, or SEO link building?