How to buy social media advertising: 40 percent of consumers made purchases due to interactive social media ads

Posted By: Xavier Loya

Here is some information from an article by Fred Aun, a writer for, about the impact and increase of advertising via social media.


Advertising is not a turnoff to people who love social media websites. In fact, many MySpace and Facebook users said ads on their favorite social sites have prompted them to buy something, according to a new report from Razorfish.

In its survey-based publication named “FEED: The Razorfish Consumer Experience Report,” the digital marketing agency says 76 percent of the 1,006 people surveyed said they didn’t mind seeing ads when they logged-in to Facebook, MySpace or the other social media sites they frequent. Razorfish also found that 40 percent of the respondents said they made purchases due to seeing those ads.

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