Software Development Company Breaks Impression Score Record with Social Media Marketing

Each week, we submit reports and success recaps to our clients including lead generation, website traffic, search positioning and social media marketing engagement as part of our agency work, and sometimes these achievements are worth bragging about online.  This week, we want to showcase a quick example of how a B2B client with a targeted geographic area of two cities was successful utilizing an influencer strategy we created.

Image Credit: Jason A. Howie / Foter / CC By

Influencer Success

In the past 30 days, our client reached 262K impressions with a Twitter following of approximately 800.  This may not seem like a large number at first but once you dissect the quality following with a very niche strategy, you see the big payoff.  On just one day, within hours, the company hit 132K impressions, and then two weeks later, another huge spike occurred. This happened because we were focusing on targeted keywords that were trending on Twitter and the web and we were engaging with our client’s targeted list of influencers and media.

Obtaining a quality following was a crucial step for our B2B client. According to a Social Media Examiner article, 5 Unusual Tips to Improve Your SEO With Social Media, gaining quality followers over obtaining a high quantity of followers is more beneficial in the long run. This is true because having quality followers means they will engage, interact with your content and push your content along through their own accounts. A notable step we took when we sought out quality followers was identifying and creating an influencer list. For this particular client, our influencers were CMOs, CEOs, CIOs and entrepreneurs primarily engaged within the tech industry and media.  By focusing on this list each week, we are able to build relationships with the media, influencers, prospects and clients.