Tech Client Syndicates Blog Posts & Achieves High Quality Website Traffic from Top Referring News Sites

A JSMM managed services client has been testing blog syndication as a way to attract high quality website traffic to its blog from top third party news sites. B2B companies are challenged with getting the right kind of visitors since pay per click ads have proven to be very expensive – sometimes as high as $24 a click in some local markets. Organic search marketing, email marketing, social media and blog syndication are ways to work around this issue at a more affordable rate.

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The managed services client has been running several campaigns on a blog syndicate network. On one campaign about disaster recovery, the client spent a total of $95 and saw an amazing 439,652 impressions as well as 323 blog clicks. The blogs were published on high-traffic third party sites like Time Magazine, CNN Money, The Washington Post and Wired. In another example, a cloud computing campaign saw 196,122 impressions, 209 blog clicks and was shared on sites like Mashable, Wired and NBC Local.

There are many benefits of using blog syndicate sites to share blogs and get more traffic to your content or specific campaign. These sites drive quality traffic to your content and help you reach a new audience scale. In addition, your content is getting maximum exposure and amplifying your reach much further than ever before.

If you would like to get your blog content seen, while avoiding the high cost per click of traditional advertising, blog syndicate programs may be right for you.



245,962 impressions

237 clicks

$106 spend

Publishing sites: Fortune, Men’s Health, Wired, popsugar, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, Venture Beat, Science of Us, The New Yorker,, CNN Money

Disaster Recovery

439,652 impressions

323 clicks

$95 spend

Publishing sites: exoic, Android Authority, CNN Money, Fox News, Fox Small Business Center, Fox Business, People, Gizmag, ABC Local,, NBC Local, Investopedia,, Mashable

Cloud Computing

196,122 impression

209 clicks

$94 spend

Publishing sites: CNN, Fox News, Market Watch, CNN Money, Washington Post,, Wired, NBC Local