Ten Simple Ways to Build & Leverage SEO for Your Startup

SEO has been a mystery to many startups and businesses. Now, the importance of good SEO is recognized and when utilized the correct way, can boost your startup on search engines to drive business. Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM, provides insight and additional thoughts about an article written by Forbes regarding building strong SEO for startups.

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It is evident a lot goes into pushing your content onto the first page of search engines, but that is just a starting point. According to Jennings, “Don’t just blog to blog. But get a long tail search strategy started by reviewing what your target audience is searching for. Don’t forget to install the supercharged WordPress plugin called Yoast. This plugin allows you to search engine optimize all of your web pages and blog with page titles, keywords and page descriptions.”

Here is the article from Forbes, 10 SEO Tips For Marketing Your Startup in 2015:

1. Zero In On Your Keywords

The foundation of great SEO begins with identifying and leveraging the right keywords. This means you need to identify what words and phrases your target audience is typing into search engines. They are specific and different to every single business out there. Identify yours — and once you do, you’ll be able to create an established relationship with your audience.

2. Keep It Mobile Friendly

I cannot stress enough how important it is that your site be mobile friendly. If you want to fall high within search engine rankings having a mobile friendly site is a necessity. To see if your site is mobile friendly, find out here.

3. Stay Simple

When you are just establishing your startup it’s important to keep content on your page simple. Keeping things simple will attract a bigger audience that may not necessarily understand the ins and outs of your business the way that you do.

4. Keep to a Marketing Strategy

By establishing a marketing strategy you are placing a goal in mind and it’s important to have a goal so you don’t veer off track. A few strategies may be how many posts a day your company will post to Twitter or what your own created content is supposed to do for your business.

5. Infographics Keep It Interesting

The power of infographics today is immense! They catch the viewer’s attention by its visual concept and then offer text-based content. The power of image and text together works far better than the two do apart.

6. Prioritize

Similar to a marketing strategy, prioritizing is set in place to keep your startup’s goals on track. Figure out what is most important and what needs attention right away and go down from there. By doing this, you are less likely to waste time.

7. Utilize Social Media Platforms

One size doesn’t fit all unfortunately when it comes to social media platforms and businesses. It’s important to realize that your startup doesn’t need an account on every aspect of social media. Identify what platforms best work well with your business. You can do this by trial and error. See where you receive the most engagement and so on.

8. Link Link Link

Link building can be somewhat complex today but it is very important for your startup. Tools like Mozbar allow you to quickly figure out if a link is good by glancing at the DA score. This tool is important because these links affect how relevant a site you are to your targeted audience.

9. Stay Relevant

Creating content is crucial because it attracts viewers and keeps your site from becoming stagnate and out of date. By creating constant content, you’re giving a reason for your viewers to come back to your site time and time again.

10. Always Keep An Eye On Your Analytics

Analytics are good to watch because they not only tell you what you’re doing right — but they tell you what you’re doing wrong and where you can improve, thus driving up more website traffic. Analytics can help you establish goals as well and help you can an ever evolving marketing strategy.

All in all, with these quick tips, your SEO is sure to improve your startup into a business. It takes some trial and error, time and a lot of effort – but in the end, your startup will benefit immensely.