Tips to Boost Fourth Quarter Business to Business Sales & Marketing


Fourth quarter is arguably the most important time of the marketing and sales year. All of the seeds you have planted over the last several months are finally ready to harvest. During an interview with Valerie Jennings, CEO and founder of Jennings Social Media & MarTech, she explained the most vital components of a successful B2B marketing and sales plan.



According to Valerie, “Often times sales and marketing departments do not communicate well with each other. Sometimes tracking and analytics get overlooked which can lead to confusion. Make sure your company’s sales and marketing databases are in sync and all conversion tracking should be set up in advance. It’s important the sales and marketing goals, targeting, creative and editorial planning are set before you launch your final sales push into the fourth quarter.”


Here are her step-by-step recommendations –


  1. Review last year’s sales numbers, this year’s numbers and have reasonable expectations for how to beat last year’s goals based on how much the industry is growing and previous performance.
  2. Make sure every lead is trackable.
  3. Check to make sure the sales CRM and marketing leads are integrated.
  4. A/B test ads, email marketing campaigns and digital content before investing thousands of dollars in ads.
  5. Review the quality of the leads with the sales team, get feedback and make sure there is a good system for them to follow-up with leads consistently so they don’t get lost.
  6. Provide weekly sales updates and marketing reports.


“The overall goal is to get real-time data and active feedback across teams to knock your fourth quarter sales out of the park. It’s a little late in the game to be setting up systems now, but it can be done quickly and efficiently in time for fourth quarter,” said Valerie.


She added some additional B2B marketing tactics that are helpful and have proven successful for clients –


  1. Branded content with links to high quality blogs, recorded webinars or trade shows
  2. Email automation programs
  3. High quality and original website content
  4. Editorial planning that integrates key messages such as culture, marketplace differentiators, awards, thought leadership and trending industry news
  5. AdWords campaigns
  6. Remarketing ads
  7. Mobile videos and promoted posts
  8. Ads driving gated content form submissions
  9. Social media planning, messaging, branded digital assets
  10. Special promotions/offers


Valerie added, “Our most successful clients are committed to integrating their sales and marketing systems, setting up tracking and analytics and studying data. Commitment to details drive long-term success for lead generation and building the sales pipeline. It’s important to have an integrated strategy that harnesses the power of all digital channels including the brand’s website. The website has a critical role to play in being mobile friendly, optimized for search and easy to use.”


Additional research from Marketing Central points out some good tactics to consider.


Analyze your marketing strategy up until now.

What has been working? What hasn’t been working? Why? What are the current happenings in the marketing world? Revisit your current plan for what’s left of the year and decide what is meeting goals and what’s not. What strategies were successful in terms of ROI?