Travel Industry Is Still Under-Utilizing Social Media According To New Report

Travel companies have yet to completely utilize social media platforms and the features they have to offer. A report that was done by Facebook and Deloitte titled, the Digital Channels in Travel, came to the conclusion that it is crucial for travel companies to integrate themselves into digital channels for the success of their overall business. Fully integrating into the social media world must be done so that they can fully engage and better connect with their consumers.


Photo credit: Dawn Ashley / Foter / CC BY-ND

The report’s findings came from a Deloitte Global’s review of a global survey of 10,500 people who actively use social media. The data conducted found that social media platforms ranked only second place to family and friends when it came to sources for vacation and trip planning ideas. Television shows, travel brochures and and search engines all ranked behind social media in the data found.

Lee McCabe, Globe Head of Travel, Education and Consumer Services at Facebook said: “The successful players in the travel industry aren’t viewing ‘social media’ as a separate entity, but as a key asset to their business growth and success.” This is the mindset that all travel companies must adapt to. Social media must not be viewed as a separate section or different piece to a different puzzle, but rather, a part of a section or missing puzzle piece that makes the picture whole. By adapting to this mindset, companies will take social media platforms seriously and will understand how much it can boost their brand just as much as their traditional marketing tools have in the past.

When social media platforms are utilized correctly, results will occur. The first step is to target a specific audience. To do this correctly, this must be done by leveraging your digital channels and collecting as much information as you can on your consumers. By targeting a specific audience, your company is saving time, talent, energy and money. This is why social media platforms and leveraging all aspects of your digital channels have become golden and can get your company to places that traditional marketing tools couldn’t.

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Source: The Dubai Chronicle