Turn this Black Friday Green: How to Have an Eco-Friendly Black Friday

Posted By: Carlee Vellinga

Thanksgiving preparations have most likely begun in your home. You may be pulling out your decorations, adding to the growing dinner shopping list and filling up your calendar with family gatherings. The holiday season requires extra energy. If you are planning on doing holiday shopping on Black Friday, check out these energy saving tips. You can make the holiday season more green with a few simple steps. The advice in this article by Jennifer Barry at explains how to save time while being mindful of your energy use.

5 Steps to an Eco Black Friday

Black Friday: A day where millions of shoppers, still weary and full from the previous night’s Thanksgiving feast, flock to retail stores across the country at pre-dawn hours to fill their carts and bags with deals aplenty as the holiday shopping season officially kicks off.

Phew. Are you tired from that description? We are too, but as wearisome as that might have been, it’s nothing compared to the drain that can be Black Friday. While deals abound, crowds, traffic, early hours and the like can make the day after Thanksgiving a drain on your energy and the environment.

But don’t fret. Follow our easy guide to a greener Black Friday, and we promise you’ll not only reduce your environmental impact, but perhaps your stress level as well.

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