How to use Snapchat to Promote Your Brand

Snapchat’s core user demographic has shifted slightly as it no longer belongs solely to the mobile-first generation. According to ClickZ, the rise of both visual content and collaborations with brands and publishers has offered a different kind of experience on the app with content consumption and advertising taking on a crucial role. The older generation is now tuning into Snapchat for content from friends, influencers and brands. That’s why brands from every industry are using Snapchat to further connect with their audiences.




Brands have multiple ways to reach consumers through the app. They can create sponsored filters and let Snapchat users advertise for them; they can run ads in-between stories; and they can create a “story” by sharing images and clips.


Geolocation Filter


If a brand is looking to target consumers in a certain area, geolocation-based filters are the way to go. The filters are priced at $5 for 20,000 square feet, a low-cost investment which drives users to engage with brands. Snapchat filters are designs that users select as an overlay on their pictures or videos when they take snaps in and around a specified location. While you shouldn’t expect to see your sales increase dramatically from the use of a filter alone, using it in combination with other channels will help keep your brand or product on consumers’ minds when they are making purchases.


Snapchat Ads


Brands can also push ads at users in between stories they are viewing on Snapchat. The user can then decide to “swipe up” and learn more about the brand and/or product. These ads promote active engagement from Snapchat’s users, and according to Forbes, also provide better efficiency for conversion to sales or other actions.  


Story Creation


Brands can also create content, pictures and short video clips and post them to their “story.” Unlike sending a snap to one person where the snap disappears after it has been opened, snaps posted by a user to a “story” are able to be seen for 24-hours by anyone who follows the user. Lindsay Kolowich, a writer for HubSpot, noted that when a brand shares to its “story,” they’re able to “connect with fans and customers in a way that’s low-cost, but highly personal and engaging.” Snapchat give brands the opportunity to let their personality shine and gives them a way to relate to their target audience on a human level.
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