How to Use Social Media Marketing to Promote An Event

Event marketing is a tried and true way to reach new customers and expand your brand reach. Now that we have social media, events can have an even greater impact thanks to the ability to extend an event invitation to a wider audience. Yet businesses still under-utilize social media when it comes to promoting an event.


Photo credit: Yahoo Inc / Foter / CC BY

Before the Event

Once you have the details nailed down, start promoting the event on social media about three weeks out. There is a fine line between promotion and spamming, so be careful how often you post. In addition to social media posts, create a bunch of content around the event. Write a blog post with more details and share in social posts.

Create a press release as well, but don’t restrict its distribution to traditional pitching. Once the release is out, share it on social media! There are entire profiles and keywords dedicated to press release sharing on Twitter which can give your PR extra traction. Media outlets can even pick up your PR through social media!

Here is a quick breakdown of the promotion you should be doing with social media before your event.

  • 3 Weeks Out: Announce the event on social media. Write a blog post to include on social posts so your audience can find out more information. Write a press release and send to media outlets at this time, as well as promoting on social media.
  • 2 Weeks Out: Write one post on each network reminding people of the event and any registration information or deadlines. Reshare the blog and press release if needed.
  • 1 Week Out: Start teasing all the cool things that are going to happen at your event. Giveaways, contests, special features and more. Get people excited to go!
  • Week Of: Give out the information on days, times and locations. Share a special hashtag that the event is using and encourage people to share their photos of the event once they attend.

During the Event

We know, you are extremely busy at your event and the last thing you want to worry about is capturing content. But this is one of the best times to really utilize social media marketing. Your attendees will actually make the content for you to share on social media, as long as you give them incentives.

At your booth or in various places at your event, make signs encouraging people to take pictures of the event or selfies. Have them share on Twitter or Instagram using a hashtag so you can find all the pictures during and after the event. On Facebook, ask attendees to “check in” at your business with a photo.

To see more photos and interaction, make it fun! You can set up a backdrop that matches the event theme for people take pictures with. You can also award prizes based on photos or posts about the event on social media.

After the Event

Yes, you still need to promote the event after it’s over. Why? You create a buzz about how great the event was and those that did not attend will feel like they missed out. They will follow you and keep an eye out for your next event, giving you groundwork in promoting your next event. It also allows people who did attend the event to share their experiences and spread your brand name to new audiences who would be interested in attending the next event you host.

After the event, use those hashtags or look through all your check-ins to find some of the best content from your event. Reshare it on your business profiles, commenting on the content and thanking the attendee for coming. You can use this content for the next few weeks on social media and can even save it to reuse for your next event.