Valerie Jennings featured in article; 50 Great Tips to Elevate Your Personal Brand

Posted By: Jared Cook

I would like to thank Cindy Yantis for featuring Valerie Jennings and Jennings Social Media & MarTech in her post on tips to elevate your personal brand.

50 Seriously Great Tips to Elevate Your Personal Brand
By Cindy Yantis

I love connecting with extraordinary people; it’s part of my amazing journey in this life. And, in my current stead of helping people build meaningful and successful careers I have had the esteemed pleasure of running across remarkable folks who are really out there DOING IT, people who have exploded their personal brands!

48. Be REALLY effective on Twitter!

“Google’s real time search has changed the way the search engine finds tweets. Now, tweets must include keywords that your clients, prospects and press use to find information about products, services and businesses. For these reasons make sure you: run a Google keyword report on search trends and use these keywords in your tweets; use – A Twitter application that allows you to search for what’s trending on Twitter; review Twitter trends daily and incorporate these trending keywords and phrases into your Tweets as long as they are relevant to your target audience, otherwise it’s spam! Use #hashtags to #SEO your message via Twitter so you can be discovered; use simple language that offers advice, how to’s and important information that is Google-friendly to real time search.” Valerie Jennings,

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