Viral Bolt Media, Sister Company to JSMM, Produces & Distributes Frank Ancona Honda Demolition YouTube Video

By Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM & VBM

Last month, Viral Bolt Media (VBM), our sister company to JSMM, created new video content for a YouTube series, featuring the $6 million construction remodel at Frank Ancona Honda. We are truly honored to have an amazing project and client to begin promoting our new company. We do have a few other video projects in development, however, this is our first available case study via VBM. If you have further questions, please contact me at valerie @ viralboltmedia. com.

Jason Heard, sales manager at Frank Ancona Honda, hosted the video during the live demolition of the dealership. We wrote the script; search engine optimized the copy, tags and categories; distributed the video across all social media channels, the e-newsletter and Marketwire’s special video embed wire service; pitched the story to key influencers; and provided a high level ROI report.

Here are some of the key ROI results —

  • Marketwire Video Press Release Performance: 2,054 total pageviews
  • e-Newsletter ROI: Approximately five times more link clicks than previous e-newsletters
  • Video Press Release SEO: The release showed up on 24 Google page results
  • Major News Sites Impressions: MarketWatch, 22.8 million monthly visits, and Reuters, 14.4 million monthly visits
  • YouTube Views: Pending, but more than 322 in a few weeks
Data was collected over the last several days. Sources ranged from Quantcast to YouTube and Marketwire to Reynolds and Reynolds.