Wendy’s Frosty Gets a Social Media Infusion

By:Micah Pratt

I would like to share an article from, written by Jennifer Van Grove, about Wendy’s use of social media promotions and incentives, centered around the Frosty, to increase awareness of the brand. The campaign will consist of three Frosty themed initiatives that include a digital scavenger hunt, a charity event and a online scrapbook competition that will run throughout the summer.

Wendy’s Frosty Gets a Social Media Infusion

With summer around the corner, the Wendy’s fast food chain is releasing a slew of social media promotions and incentives centered around its iconic Frosty dessert treat.

The company will roll out three distinct social media promotions over the course of the summer that involve Twitter and Foursquare. Each endeavor, however, revolves around Facebook and the Frosty Facebook Page.

Wendy’s is also touching all corners of the social sphere with action-oriented contests for prizes and a fan-powered charity drive. It’s tit-for-tat marketing at its best, with social media designed to drive awareness around the brand and reward fan appreciation.