What Marketers Need to Know About Wearable Technology

With the huge success of the Apple Watch and similar wearable technology, retailers and marketers alike are continuously looking for ways to capitalize on the momentum. According to recent research from CCS Insights, shipments of smart wearables are expected to grow to 135 million in 2018 - the Apple Watch alone accounts for 40 percent of smartwatch shipments this year. This sudden increase of wearables presents great opportunities for marketers, who must find the balance between connecting with mobile customers and over communicating their message.

Photo credit: shinya / Foter / CC BY-ND

Photo credit: shinya / Foter / CC BY-ND

The experts at Rainmaker Labs have compiled the five most important aspects for marketers to keep in mind when marketing technologies to mobile customers:

1. Optimize the use of push notifications:

One of the most prominent purposes of every wearable is the ability to send notifications directly to the consumer. If utilized properly, the mobility of applications can be optimized, but mobile marketers must be cautious of the time and importance of each message because an ill-timed message could be an annoyance to the consumer.

2. Make your interaction location-based: 

A recent Boxever survey found that more than 50 percent of consumers between the ages of 18-29 said they would find location-based push offers valuable or extremely valuable, as long as they were timely, targeted, and within reason.

3. Every aspect must be focused on action:

Remember that the purpose of notifications is to encourage the user to act, so all communication should ultimately lead to an action, whether it be clicking on a link, taking a survey or making a purchase. As long as the user takes action after a message, your company has an added value to this customer.

4. Be ready to change:

The wearable market is new, and ever changing. You should be open to this change and ready to adapt to new customer demands.

According to this article from Business 2 Community, the two biggest mistakes retailers make are failing to personalize offers based on where a customer is and what he or she is doing, and failing to align communications with a customer’s unique needs and interests. The development and popularity of wearables opens up a new chapter for marketers everywhere, but only adds value to users if every aspect is perfectly timed and balanced.