What’s The Cost of Social Media To a Car Dealership?

According to, 38 percent of new car buyers will research their purchases using social media and 23 percent of new car buyers will share their experiences on social media. There is no question that social media is taking precedent in the automotive industry, and this change is happening so fast that many dealerships are behind. The sale begins online with the majority of consumers researching their purchase via the Web versus in the past when the sale started at the dealership.

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Ninety-five percent of vehicle shoppers use digital channels to research their purchases. — Ally Auto

With such a vast majority of the consumers going online to research their purchases, organic SEO and SMO will have a significant impact on your sales.  According to Ally Auto, the simple task of posting videos results in a 55 percent increase in website visits, 30 percent increase in profile clicks and 18 percent increase in business calls.

Thirty-seven percent of shoppers look on social media when researching their purchase. — Ally Auto

How Much Does A Bad Review Cost Your Dealership?

Not only are shoppers turning to the Web, they are also posting reviews. So how much does a bad review cost a business? Research says 70 percent of consumers trust online reviews. It takes only one negative review to cost the company 30 customers, according to Convergys.

One bad review may seem harmless, but research shows that it can deter many other consumers from your dealership, which is why your company must respond to these reviews.  According to Bazaarvoice, seven out of 10 reviewers said a response to a poor review from the business changed their opinion. Using this information, of the 30 customers lost by the bad review, a response from the dealership can save 21 of these relationships.