YoPro Wealth Interviews Valerie Jennings About Financial Advice

We’re so excited to have Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM, featured in Austin G. Netzley’s recent article in YoPro Wealth, “One Piece of Financial Advice.”


The article interviewed an array of successful business men and women across all fields, such as Hallmark TV host Mark Steines and author Jan Cullinane. Netzley asked everyone the same question: “If you could tell yourself one piece of financial advice, what would it be?”

In the interview, Jennings emphasized the importance of surrounding yourself with wealthy people in order to learn from their successes and more importantly, their mistakes. She suggests young professionals seek out a mentor to guide them throughout their careers. “Many people are willing and happy to mentor young professionals free of charge. It’s worth the effort to find these people early on and pay it forward later on in your career. The cost of doing so: priceless!” Jennings said.

Check out the full article on YoPro Wealth here.