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Artificial Intelligence Meet Our Innovative Marketing Techniques

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Artificial Intelligence Meet Our Innovative Marketing Techniques

Last Updated on July 21, 2020 by Valerie Jennings

We have been embracing MarTech for years as an early adopter agency. While the technology continues to evolve, so do we. Our agency’s team prides itself on being cutting edge, testing many products and software programs on a regular basis to drive leads, engagement and brand awareness for clients. Here are a few highlights this week in our ad product roundup.


OutBrain is a “content discovery platform” that focuses on placing paid links where viewers are looking for more articles to read. The program creates eye-catching headlines that intrigue the reader to click the link, leading them to a landing page promoted by the buyer. This is a way to get viewers to click on an interesting article title, which then brings their attention to a specific company’s site. However, Outbrain has specific guidelines needed to use their programs, where the content is required to look like content rather than an advertisement.

This gives advertisers the ability to place content on major sites for much less cost than an actual ad — giving the company a chance to be recognized by viewers outside their usual audience. The key takeaway of this program is that it works like an ad network for content. Despite OutBrain having very specific rules, it can produce incredible reach for a company.


Thinknear provides an organization with location-based targeted advertising (geofencing). This software consists of Location Score technology that delivers quality data for better targeting and insights. For example, Thinknear leverages mobile devices to create location-based advertising and targeting based on proximity, context and historical behaviors for the person owning each specific device. Just imagine how beneficial this is to produce specific, relevant appeals when advertising!

In simpler terms, Thinknear can direct an audience to one specific brand with the data provided from one’s mobile device. The software can promote just one company through mobile advertisements and can target customers when they’re near a competitor’s store/location.


While the two platforms mentioned above focus on content and location, Cluep functions based on social media activity. Cluep is a mobile ad platform that targets people based on the content they share, the conversations they have and where they go. Within 40 minutes of someone posting about a specific topic, an advertisement will appear on their mobile device regarding that same topic. This also goes for photos shared, behavior tracked, places visited and even feelings detected. Cluep will detect these specifics and target an advertisement that is particular to that person. This changes the game for mobile advertising, thanks to artificial intelligence.

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