How Chatbots Help Brands Master Conversational Commerce

From asking an in-store associate for a different size to messaging a retailer on Instagram to see if they still have that must-have item in stock, conversation has been, and will be, at the heart of commerce. Read on as we detail ways that brands can utilize marketing technologies to master conversational commerce.


Conversation can add value to every part of the customer journey, from prompting a customer to place their first order to answering a product-related question instantly. Today, conversations can be automated, and it’s this automated experience that’s often referred to as “conversational commerce.” Brands can utilize conversational commerce on any platform that supports chat or voice bots (Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.).


As brands continue to jump on the marketing AI bandwagon with their own chat and voice bots, consider the benefits of enhancing your own digital marketing efforts through artificial intelligence.


Market Research

According to OptiMonk, when brands converse with customers via chatbot, they are afforded an opportunity to collect much more data than a support team usually does. They can ask their subscribers what new products they would like to see or even create fun polls with the help of a chatbot to further engage with their customers. Ultimately, using a chatbot for launching a new product can save money on consulting an expensive marketing research team as well as time to collect data (you’ll get it automatically with a chatbot’s reporting features).


Brand Management

Around 40 percent of millennials say they interact with a bot daily, according to Mobile Marketer. This is an important statistic for brands. Not only does it speak to the relevance of AI-based marketing tools like chatbots, but it also places an emphasis on developing the best bot possible, as a chatbot reflects the way a brand speaks to its customers in real life, embodying the way an online store treats the shoppers and its products. Remember, a chatbot that just replies to queries with “canned responses” really isn’t doing much when it comes to building trust and establishing a strong connection with a brand.


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