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3 Tips From A Successful Marketing Technology Agency!

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3 Tips From A Successful Marketing Technology Agency!

Our CEO, Valerie Jennings, weighed in on some emerging trends, challenges and opportunities surrounding marketing technology. According to Valerie, marketing and technology are interconnected. We cannot do our jobs as marketers without using technology. The idea of MarTech is simple but how it’s implemented is complicated.

“There are vast marketing technology resources in the marketplace. Some are simple and marketers have been using for years such as content scheduling tools including Sprout Social and Hootsuite. Others are more complicated and use artificial intelligence or machine learning.”

She explained,

“It’s knowing what to use, when, how and the cost/benefits that make it challenging for marketers and brands. Our agency tests platforms before it introduces them to clients and slowly rolls out performing products, tools and software. It’s important to build your technology stack over time.”

Due to the fact that our agency is performance-based, meaning our team tracks leads, sales and performance metrics for clients, we focused on a list of lead generation MarTech tools. There are probably thousands of opportunities in the marketplace right now. It’s knowing what you need and how it adds value to your business that is important.

Here is a short list of performance-driven MarTech platforms from Forbes. The agency has not tested these yet but they are under consideration.

Automated Retargeting

Rather than wasting time retargeting your segments of customers, automated retargeting has opened the door for audience reach. By using machine learning and predictive analysis, certain companies are taking an original list of customers and multiplying it into a list of like-minded potential customers all while saving you time and expanding your market. Forbes suggests:

Fixel highlights website users by engagement and uses machine learning to expand engagement.

Automated Smart Content Posting

Cross-platform scheduling tools allow your content to be seen across a variety of channels while saving you time and making sure that your content is being posted in prime hours. Many social media scheduling tools also allow you to analyze the results of campaigns, impressions on a post or reactions from followers. Forbes suggests:

  • Buffer allows users to plan, publish and manage all their social channels.
  • ContentCal is a social organizational tool that encourages team collaboration and social analytics.

Artificial Intelligence Driven Lead Conversion

The key to lead conversion is the followup and nurturing of a potential lead. Artificial intelligence tools use location, social media interaction and images to determine the user’s feelings and automatically directs them to a mobile ad. Taking the lead one step further by giving them a solution to their problem. Forbes suggests:

  • CliClap personalizes the content journey while integrating all existing systems.
  • Atomic Reach boosts conversions and uses AI powered tools to create a target audience profile.

Our agency’s team tests marketing technology and performance-driven platforms for B2B and B2C lead generation across industries. We have a list of best in class platforms for agency clients and continue to conduct regular A/B testing through our R&D team. For more information, please contact us.

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