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Digital Marketing Agency Focuses on Miami Beach Real Estate Market, Travel and Tourism

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Digital Marketing Agency Focuses on Miami Beach Real Estate Market, Travel and Tourism

Digital Marketing Agency Focuses on Travel And Tourism Industry

With bright sunshine, balmy temperatures and sparkling seas, it’s not hard to imagine why tropical real estate and tourism is a flourishing market. Jennings Social Media & MarTech has had an eye on this beat for several years, working with many real estate/tourism clients, and has recently started increasing initiatives in the luxury real estate and tourism sector with a project for a luxury villas property in the Dominican Republic. Now the agency is moving into the Miami Beach real estate market, an already robust scene undergoing a further reinvigoration.

The Thriving Miami Tourism Scene

As part of this venture in the luxury real estate sector, our founder and CEO Valerie Jennings and B2C Account Manager Kati Callahan, traveled to Miami in September to attend a meeting of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Tourism and Hospitality Council at The Bass. All attention was focused on the topic of the meeting, the new convention center hotel proposed to be added to the Miami Beach Convention Center. The hotel has been approved by the city of Miami Beach but is waiting on a citizen vote on November 6 to approve the lease.

Valerie Jennings attending the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce meeting at The Bass.

The convention center itself recently had a major facelift — a $620 million makeover, to be exact. Adding high-tech features, infrastructure updates, park space and a significant expansion, the center now boasts 1.43 million square feet of space and a flashy exterior of 500 aluminum and glass “fins” that mirrors an undulating wave. At only three blocks from the ocean and at the heart of South Beach and Ocean Drive, it’s set up to be not only a functional convention space but also a destination spot in of itself. In fact, the intent is to boost the $26 billion Miami tourism industry. However, those behind the renovation stress the need for a hotel to accompany the center and host convention crowds — thus the hubbub at the Chamber of Commerce meeting.

The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Hospitality and Tourism Council invited guests to a special meeting in September to discuss the Miami Beach Convention Center hotel plans and the city’s tourism scene.

In the eyes of the convention center planners, the hotel is at the center of an equation to infuse new energy into the Miami Beach tourism scene. The hotel will support the convention center, which will draw conventions and attention, leading to more tourism, better business and major economic impact for the area.


“This hotel is what is going to make the convention center successful,” Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Co-Chair Ceci Velasco told Vive La Florida. “This is the answer that’s going to make us competitive with the rest of the United States.”


Miami represents an enticing opportunity for delving further into the real estate/tourism market, so Jennings Social Media & MarTech is following the growth of the convention center and hotel with enthusiasm. Experiencing the action firsthand at the Chamber of Commerce meeting, Valerie Jennings also spoke to Vive La Florida, weighing in on the developments in Miami Beach.


“It’s very exciting to be here,” Jennings said. “The information was presented very well — you can tell there’s a lot of passion in the community for the convention center and for the hotel. We wish everyone the best of luck. Again, it’s very exciting. I think it’ll be amazing for the area businesses.”

Valerie Jennings discusses the Miami Beach Convention Center and the area’s growing tourism scene with Vive La Florida.

A Finger on the Beat of Luxury Real Estate

The furor around Miami Beach’s booming tourism scene and development is no surprise to Jennings Social Media & MarTech, but it does hold particular interest as an enticing new avenue to explore. With extensive experience in the travel/tourism and luxury real estate industry, Jennings Social Media & MarTech sees invigorating possibilities in Miami Beach. Miami will be a natural progression for the agency. Since 2009, Jennings Social Media & MarTech has worked in the luxury real estate sector with properties such as Orient Express Hotels, Wyndham Vacation Ownership and more, cultivating a deep understanding of the mindset of the high-end real estate buyer.

Most recently, our team launched a comprehensive lead generation program for a luxury residential real estate client in the Dominican Republic. In order to reach prospective buyers and investors for the client’s exclusive villa properties, Jennings Social Media & MarTech created a complete lead generation process and strategic marketing campaign using Facebook Messenger, Google AdWords, a new custom landing page and an interactive system with surveys, a chatbot and active response follow-up. In only four months, the campaign generated over 26,000 landing page sessions, 274 Facebook Messenger conversations, 41 contact responses and 27 survey responses.

The Villas Agua Dulce luxury villas property in the Dominican Republic, a client of Jennings Social Media & MarTech in the luxury real estate/tourism sector

The project also featured collaborations with digital influencers and complementary brands to further drive traffic. For this, we launched a sweepstakes for a stay at the villas and related prizes, which resulted in 14,000 new email subscribers and over one million total impressions. After our team researched audiences and identified a niche of relevant influencers, the influencer engagement initiative resulted in notable brand exposure via numerous posts on international influencers’ social media channels and blogs. The first 60 days of the campaign saw multiple placements on international travel blogs and over 4800 monthly pageviews.


In all, with Miami Beach showing signs of invigorating growth and further opportunity in the real estate and tourism sector, Jennings Social Media & MarTech is looking forward to diving further into this dynamic market. From our satellite office in South of Fifth, Miami Beach, we’re anticipating working more closely with local businesses. The future is looking bright for luxury living and travel, and our agency plans to be right in the center of it all.


To learn more about our experience and capabilities in luxury real estate and tourism marketing, take a look at our portfolio.

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