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How Digital Marketing Sells Luxury Real Estate

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How Digital Marketing Sells Luxury Real Estate

Every real estate brand has a unique story to tell, and buyers are now turning to digital channels more than ever to invest in their next property. As a result, luxury communities need more than typical real estate marketing, which means they also need a marketing partner familiar with the psychology of the high-end buyer to reach those buyers and promote the value of the brand.

Real estate, by nature, is an ever-evolving industry, and one must understand the changing nature of the industry in order to succeed. It’s not enough to build an elegant property and expect it to lease out based on location and price alone. According to Forbes, you must understand your property’s audiences and motivations and apply them to your brand strategy.

These days, potential buyers are interested in a property’s brand story. In short, a property’s brand and reputation should be considered equally as important as its facade and floor plan. While physical touchpoints still matter, so does the brand’s online presence.

From the results and reviews audiences see in search engines to the experience they have on your website, a perception of your property exists long before a potential buyer ever signals their interest. To increase the chances of selling your luxury property, real estate agents should take luxury real estate marketing up a notch and use digital marketing for luxury real estate to improve its online presence.

Our Experience

Earlier this year, our agency created a comprehensive sales and digital marketing strategy for a luxury residential real estate client in the Dominican Republic. A key component of the program was to increase brand awareness among potential buyers interested in luxury villas in the Dominican Republic utilizing a specific niche of influencers and other methods. The challenge that we took on was to generate leads in the form of investors and the aforementioned potential buyers.

The first 60 days of the campaign resulted in multiple placements on international travel bloggers’ websites that received over 4,800 monthly pageviews. Additionally, by creating custom tracking links, we were able to track the client’s website traffic from each placement.

To capitalize on the success of the influencer outreach campaign, our team also created a comprehensive lead generation program for the client. As a result, our team generated hundreds of digital leads through different strategic advertising campaigns we outlined and implemented, using Facebook Messenger ads and Google Adwords. Then, we created a landing page with a survey and set up a chatbot for automating conversations to help qualify those leads, which started 260 conversations in 1 month at an average cost of $2 per conversation. We also followed up with people who responded to the qualifying surveys to book virtual video chat tours via WhatsApp.

In addition, we also sent two of our most experienced digital storytellers to the Caribbean to capture photos, videos, 360-degree walkthroughs, and original content for social media, digital ads, and video chat tours as they partook in nearby attractions. Their stories were turned into blogs and personal experiences about the culture, activities, and various available properties.

In just a few months, our efforts generated more than 26,000 sessions on the client’s sales landing page; 12 survey responses, 29 contact requests, and 14 phone calls by utilizing digital advertising. Additionally, we set up custom lead generation tracking and launched a sweepstakes campaign with complementary brands, resulting in 14,000 new emails from subscribers who opted-in.

The effectiveness of our team’s campaign shows that digital methods are the best strategies for luxury real estate marketing. Prospective buyers and investors of high-end real estate use social media and the internet to look for them, which is why it matters how they’re presented and where they are seen online. The original content used for social media posts and ads improved their perception of the villas, prompting them to inquire more about them.

The Value of Digital Marketing To Luxury Real Estate Promotion

Social media, search engines, and websites are valuable assets when utilizing digital marketing for luxury real estate. These online channels play a key role in real estate digital marketing in general. Combined with a well-devised and executed strategy backed with research, lead generation using each digital platform will be easier and faster.

Strategies such as collaborating with influencers help garner attention towards luxury real estate. Influencers can attract prospective buyers or investors because they’re credible sources of information regarding luxury real estate or the lifestyle of the affluent. These people have spent time creating content about it which allowed them to cultivate a following with the same interest that will help project an image of luxury for your property.

Established luxury influencers posting content on their digital platforms about your property will project the image that makes it desirable to affluent consumers. It also exposes a portion of your target audience to your brand since their followers share the same affinity they have with a luxurious lifestyle. This boosts your brand’s online presence and increases your chances of generating leads with a high possibility of conversion by being visible to the right audience and projected in a desirable image by influencers.

Besides placing your brand where your target audience is, it’s also crucial to present them in a relatable manner for it to be more appealing. Digital marketing deals with shaping consumers’ perception towards a brand, and for promoting luxury real estate, the image of luxury living must be seen. That’s why our team created content of their experiences in the villas for people to see a first-hand account from actual visitors. A personalized storytelling approach is an effective way to be relatable to your brand’s target audience.

Aside from influencers and storytelling through digital content, methods like social media advertising are also a great way to position luxury real estate to boost its online presence. When implemented well, all of these ways can sell luxury real estate.

Our agency serves luxury commercial and residential real estate clients worldwide. Visit our website to learn how Jennings Social Media & MarTech could help your real estate venture succeed.

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