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Sent Success: 2019 Email Marketing Trends

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Sent Success: 2019 Email Marketing Trends

As marketers gather more data on how different nuances impact their strategies, the tools they use to conduct business to the ways they communicate information are constantly evolving and growing. One digital marketing medium that has grown in popularity over the decades is email. With 2.8 billion people worldwide using email as a digital communications tool, it’s not surprising that this direct form of marketing is set to grow even more in 2019. Read on as we detail some savvy strategies for brands to get the most out of their email marketing efforts.

With so many consumers possessing their own personal email accounts, it’s no wonder email continues to see the highest ROI among marketing tools for businesses today. In fact, email marketing typically has an ROI potential of 4,400 percent, with each dollar invested, bringing in an average return of $44! With such profit-increasing potential, check out some top tips and trends from Business 2 Community for maximizing your email marketing efforts.


In an effort to avoid being flagged as spam by new, more stringent consumer protection laws, personalizing email content is becoming popular among marketers. Emails that include the reader’s first name in the second or third paragraph of an email, or information unique to the reader’s account or segmented buyer persona, are being utilized by marketers looking for even the slightest edge when it comes to turning an email open into a sales conversion. It’s strategies such as these that make the material feel more personal and tailored more toward each experience.

Storytelling Content

There’s nothing like a great story. While plain-text content has been found to provide value and increase engagement, the use of storytelling has also been found to be effective in grabbing viewers’ attention and influencing their behaviors. In fact, storytelling can be unique in reaching each marketing segment or buyer persona. Stories can maximize a given email’s ROI potential significantly.

Automated Segmentation

The process of targeting and segmenting contact lists is becoming more intricate and important. According to HubSpot, emails that are segmented and targeted account for 58 percent of all email marketing-related earnings. Additionally, when segmented and targeted properly, these emails increase profits up to 18 times more. With the earning potential being so high, brands will likely be relying more heavily on these practices in the future when creating email marketing strategies.

Personal Privacy

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which took effect in May, is changing how some email marketers execute their strategies, as the law affects a brand’s ability to gather and share third-party information from their contact lists. While this may not have an impact on everyone’s marketing strategy, especially for small businesses who conduct much of their business locally and domestically, it’s a significant development to consider if there’s any chance of communicating with someone in the European Union.

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