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Stay Calm & Learn These 5 Tips To Keep Your Brand Relevant

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Stay Calm & Learn These 5 Tips To Keep Your Brand Relevant

We have received many phone calls and emails regarding what to post on social media channels during this uncertain time. Right now, it’s important to stay connected with your communities — People want to engage, even if that means just digitally while we practice social distancing.

Tips For Staying Relevant During a Crisis

If you are a small business owner, we know you are resilient, but sometimes asking for help during a crisis can be especially hard. That’s why we didn’t want you to have to ask us first. We’ve created a list of tips and other resources for pivoting your branding during this time.

Tips From CEO Valerie Jennings

  1. Update your brand’s messaging to focus on inspiration, throwbacks, testimonials or lifestyle content for B2C brands. On the other hand, B2B brands working in the medical industry have a lot of opportunities to engage and share content.
  2. Our daily lives and behaviors have changed. Create content that speaks to the lifestyle changes we are all experiencing, such as spending more time at home with family, cooking meals instead of eating out, homeschooling, watching videos, engaging more on social media, etc.
  3. Staying relevant is important. Now might not be the best time to try to sell products or services to cold prospects, but it’s a great time to create relationships and reach out to new groups. Stay local and within your communities, but expand your network outside of your comfort zone if it’s appropriate.
  4. Now is also the best time to create resources. Be a leader and create videos or downloadable materials to help others. Items such as checklists, recorded webinars and whitepapers are all helpful tools for businesses.
  5. Innovate. Out of crisis comes innovation. How can your products and services be used to create valuable resources for humanity? What’s in-demand that you can offer? Work with your teams to evaluate all your options and figure out how to get to market fast.

Valerie recently hosted a Webinare over this topic on behalf of the Kansas City Kansas Chamber of Commerce, watch for more in-depth info over “Staying Relevant During A Crisis”.

As always, we are here to support you however we can. Our CEO, Valerie Jennings, has been providing free consults to businesses that need more in-depth help pivoting their messaging. Feel free to reach out with questions or concerns to her personal email at

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